Reveal Lasers is a prominent manufacturer of aesthetic solutions for providers and clinics with a cumulative experience of over 50 years in the medical and aesthetics market. We are at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled expertise. 

Our core focus lies in the development and distribution of energy-based technologies such as Laser, Radiofrequency (RF), and Intense Pulse Light (IPL). These advanced solutions enable us to address the evolving needs of the aesthetics industry. 

At Reveal Lasers, we pride ourselves on ensuring uncompromising quality in our products, which translates into the highest return on investment for our valued customers. We understand the importance of delivering exceptional value and remain committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. 

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our network of providers worldwide. By providing comprehensive support and guidance, we empower our partners to achieve their goals and deliver exceptional outcomes to their patients. 

A shared vision among industry-leading experts with decades of experience in the aesthetics industry, brought these talented professionals together to create the next generation of cutting-edge #aesthetech solutions. Recognizing the gap in understanding patients’ needs, Reveal Lasers was established to bridge this divide and enhance the overall experience and satisfaction of both patients and providers. 

Our management team comprises some of the most eminent professionals in the industry, whose knowledge and experience serve as the foundation for our innovative products, support, and training. With their guidance, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the aesthetics market. 

Join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of aesthetic solutions, one innovative technology at a time. 

Our History

Reveal Lasers was born by a group of industry-leading experts all sharing the same vision. After several decades of experience in the medical laser and aesthetics industry, these multi-talented and industry-acclaimed professionals joined together to bring about their vision of developing the next generation of cutting-edge laser solutions.

Recognizing that there was a lack of understanding of patients’ needs, Reveal Lasers was established to bridge this gap and enable better technologies to significantly improve the experience and satisfaction of clients and care providers.

Global Presence

Reveal Lasers has a worldwide network of distributors, partners and local experts that provide support in over 52 countries around the world.

Our products and brand names are recognized worldwide as the state of the art technology and first in class quality.


Reveal Lasers is leading a revolution in the laser industry to improve the efficacy, convenience and scope of laser treatments to provide better and new solutions that are accessible to more clients around the world.

We do this by understanding our customers better than any other laser manufacturer in the world and developing the highest quality products providing superior technology, safety, comfort and unparalleled support.

Our approach is different in that we believe in continually spending time with our customers and doctors, visiting clinics, and listening to their needs and suggestions.

We distinguish ourselves in the ability to implement customer feedback and increase customer satisfaction via innovative solutions and advanced technology.

Research and Development

Our core values dictate that we need to always be developing better products for the market. Consequently, over 25% of our staff are in research and development.

We boast among the most experienced, qualified and innovative engineers in the world for the medical laser industry.


Knowledge and experience are essential to providing the best innovative products, support and training to the growing Reveal Lasers community.

We are proud to have in our team among the most eminent professionals in the industry worldwide.




JULY 20, 2022

The laser solutions innovator’s US presence builds on the company’s continued vision for global expansion and comprehensive training and marketing support for its partners.