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MicroTight™ uses a micro-optical laser fiber to deliver thermal energy in the deep dermis and the subcutaneous level. As a result, the treatment stimulates lifting and tightening of the skin, for superior body contouring and shaping, in contrast to conventional liposuction procedures which do not tighten the skin - resulting in skin sagging and laxity.

MicroTight™ patented technology applies an optimal laser wavelength of 1470nm through an optical fiber in a proprietary lipo handpiece to enable simultaneous, gentle emulsification and suction of fat by targeted heating, specifically of the water content inside the fat cells.

The controlled and precise laser heating, MicroTight™ produces a natural healing response in the skin generating new collagen formation which results in healthier, thicker and tighter skin.

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MicroTight™ is a clinically proven and safe procedure on multiple areas of the body. The following areas can be treated:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Flanks
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Thighs
  • Male Breasts


A physician creates a tiny, pencil tip sized, incision to introduce a laser fiber under the skin. Laser energy is then delivered to the treatment area - melting fat and stimulating collagen production in the dermis resulting in targeted body sculpting that tightens, shapes and lifts the skin without producing a scar.

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Before MicroTight™ results - side view After MicroTight™ results - side view

Before & After 1 Treatment, courtesy of Derma Laser Centers™

Before MicroTight™ results - front view After MicroTight™ results - front view

Before & After 1 Treatment, courtesy of Derma Laser Centers™

Before MicroTight™ results - side view After MicroTight™ results - side view


How long does the procedure take?

The treatment is quick and takes somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour.

What does the procedure feel like?

The treatment area is numbed with local anesthesia so there is minimal discomfort during the procedure. Some patients report feeling some warmth and gentle pressure while the physician advances the fiber during the treatment. Post-treatment, the patient may feel some soreness.

How soon will I see results?

It is performed in-office, and is a one-time procedure producing both immediate and future results.

Am I a candidate?

MicroTight™ is not an alternative to weight loss. It is ideal for men and women who have F.R.E.D. – Fat Resistant to Exercise and Diet – areas of excess fat in, for example, the abdomen, hips, flanks, back, arms, legs, thighs or neck that they just cannot seem to get rid of despite maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine.


The next generation liposuction, skin tightening and fat grafting solution featuring the first of its kind double Mercedes cannula with simultaneous lasing and suctioning. Features a higher absorption rate in water than fat, keeping high vitality of fat while minimizing bleeding, swelling and body trauma. 360 degrees of firing helps to achieve homologous temperature for longer, to produce better skin tightening and minimal tissue damage.

  • - The specific 600 micron radial fiber is inserted through a special double Mercedes cannula, to deliver the energy

  • - Skin sagging has been a traditional problem with any type of liposuction methods

  • - The 1470 nm laser targets the water inside the cell, resulting to not only melt the fat, but also tighten the skin using the body’s own healing process

  • * MICROTIGHT™ pending FDA clearance in the US.